What does celebrating life mean?

What does celebrating life mean? For all of us, it could mean something similar or it could mean something that is unique and just for you.

As we travel through life it is our experiences that ultimately change us and help us to move along what we think and feel is the correct path and, as individuals, these experiences are often influenced by our friends, colleagues and family members.

From our experiences, we start to form memories that help us to look back on our life enabling us to answer the question “What does celebrating life mean?”

What does celebrating life mean to me right now? This is so interesting as I would answer the question very differently today from how I would have answered the question 1-2 years ago.

Today celebrating life means trying to make the most of each day, being thankful for what I have now and not what I could have. Happiness and laughing help me a lot to celebrate life as well as taking more time to be thankful for being here to actually be able to answer such a question.

As we like to create memories I had 5 memorable occasions in the month of March and on each occasion it made me think more about my wonderful organ donor and how thankful I am to him for  giving me that opportunity to still be able to make memories.

Firstly, as I mentioned in a previous blog, it was my 1-year liver transplant anniversary on the 14th March 2018 and you can read that post again here Liver Transplant Anniversary.

A memory very dear to my heart and without it the rest would not be possible.


What does celebrating life mean?

Secondly, on March 29th I went to watch my football team Gillingham which, I had not done since I had my transplant on 14th March 2017. Actually, my last game was on 11th March 2017, 3 days before I had the operation. It was amazing to be back, even though I had to take my new best friend with me Mr Hernia. He enjoyed it until we scored and got thrown in the air. We lost 1-2 but, sometimes it is not all about the result. More about just still being able to do something you enjoy.

what does celebrating life mean?

Thirdly, it was my Birthday on March 30th. 41 years young. Another mile stone.

What does celebrating life mean?

Fourthly, I went back to a place I last visited in 2016 when I was still very sick on Saturday 31st March. Leeds Castle in Kent.

The last time I went there was with my wife and two children on a hot summers day. Amazing memories. However, this time was with other family members and the weather was a tad colder and wetter. It was just so brilliant to be able to do it and to be able to continue creating more memories.

What does celebrating life mean?

My latest memory which was not actually in March and is today is, Easter Sunday, April 1st and no, it is not an April fools joke…. I am really still here.

Life is all about making memories and now I can answer the question “What does celebrating life mean?” a lot more easily and confidently by saying, for me, it is about being given that second chance to continue making memories.

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Thank you for reading.

Peace Love and Light x


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