Time For A Rant

Time For A RantIt is time for a rant after a common theme occurring with the NHS and how it is portrayed in the media. Before I start, if I hear any more negativity, I think I will actually scream.

The NHS have, and still do so many wonderful things and then a sudden outbreak of flu and the country comes to a standstill. With the NHS at bursting point, it becomes the brunt of all things bad and negative about the country.

When it is time for a rant you often wonder who is right, who is wrong and certainly feel that a balanced approach is often overlooked.

The simplistic ideology is to throw more money at the situation, but with hospitals at bursting point, is it money or is it more space needed? Why is it that when the media report on the NHS they never portray the situation with a balanced hat on?

The Government are berated day in day out and asked to cough up more money while the Conservatives state on their website www.conservatives.com how they are supporting the NHS:

“We have increased health funding to a record level – so people get the care they need. We committed to increasing NHS spending by a minimum of £8 billion in real terms over the next five years. We have also in the Budget provided the NHS with £2.8 billion of funding to 2019-20. We will deliver another £10 billion in capital to upgrade buildings and facilities. We have given an additional £2 billion for social care over three years and £437 million for the NHS this winter. SOURCE: Autumn Budget, 22 November 2017; Department of Health, 2 January 2018”

For some, it is not enough and will never be enough. Often I wonder if there is a media witch hunt against the NHS in order to put more pressure on the Government to do more. This is the same media who seem to neglect the stories that show the other side. How the NHS is saving so many lives like mine, providing care to millions which are free on point of entry and are an organisation where the staff have to go above and beyond the call of duty not once, not twice, but during most shifts that they are working.

All of this leads to people such as myself feeling it is time for a rant and time to ask questions, but what are the answers, what is the solution to the yearly winter NHS winter bashing?

Could another political party do more? That is yet to be seen. How would they do more? Rob Peter to pay Paul?

So this winter flu outbreak has made me think that the people in a position of authority are under the impression that there is a person in a room with a crystal ball able to foresee the future so we can be more prepared for the eventualities that lay ahead. Without the inside knowledge, which in this case, no one knew was coming, there is no amount of preparing anyone can undertake to be able to cope with an extra 3-4 million people turning up on the doorsteps of A&E departments during January.

Time For A Rant

To put this into context, The Independent online reported on 1st January, that instances of flu were thought to have risen by 67 percent in just one week, with 3.7 million adults coming down with symptoms. Crazy right?

Why do we not hear stories such as thanks to the NHS 7,000 people are alive today who would not have been had mortality rates stayed the same as in 2010. SOURCE: Department of Health, 5 December 2017.

Furthermore, more patients are being treated, and more operations are being carried out in our NHS. There are 14,200 more doctors and over 11,700 more nurses on our wards since 2010. SOURCE: NHS Workforce Statistics, September 2017, Provisional Statistics, Published 21 December 2017.

The information is out there if we dig around but why should we have to?

In conclusion, we all have those moments when we think it is time for a rant and furthermore, we all know that the NHS can never be everything to everyone. However, we do not need it rammed down our throats 24/7. We simply need to start spending more time being thankful for what the NHS are doing well rather than what it is reported they are not doing well and, in this particular instance, it is a situation that really was out of everyone’s control.

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Thanks for reading.

Peace, Love and Light x


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