The Beast From The East

the beast from the east

Tuesday the 27th February was the day The Beast From The East had really taken hold of the country and I had an appointment in London at the hospital for a checkup.

Was The Beast From The East going to stop me? Was it really that bad? After all, I had fought an autoimmune disease for so many years and come out of the other side so, what was a bit of snow?

Blizzard conditions on the motorway where putting it lightly and driving along at 50-60 mph until we hit South East London was strange but, I would rather have strange than being in an accident. However, The Beast From The East still didn’t stop some people from flying past us at what I can only think was 80-90 mph. Bonkers!!!

My mother and I parked up in South East London and took the train to central London and the hospital. In the meantime, to get on the train we had to do our best Torvill and Dean impression until we were able to board, get a seat and relax for 10 minutes.

the beast from the east

London where was your snow? It had a dusting and it was coming down but, thankfully we could get about and it was safe enough. Well, it was if you walked like a penguin.

I had not been back to the hospital since early December and the feeling of being safe, secure and at ease came over me immediately. I was happy to be back. Well, who wouldn’t be happy going back to the place that saved their life and transformed not only their life but, the lives of their family?

I had two appointments which The Beast From The East helped with. It was not busy and I am sure a lot of people had stayed at home due to the weather.

I had an interesting conversation at the pre-assessment for my hernia operation about my trainers and how soft they were while all I could think about was that it was lunchtime and I was dreaming of having a fry up. Not healthy I know but, I told myself it was fine as a few days earlier I read an article that said that if your diet is 80-90% healthy, you are doing very well. With that in my mind, I was literally running to the cafe.

The picture below is of a bicycle chained up that I saw on my way to the cafe for lunch. My first thought… Good luck getting home.

the beast from the east

Appointment number 2 was with my liver consultant who happened to mention that I looked like a new person. Probably the new haircut I had a few days earlier. I never take anything for granted but, it is nice to have positive appointments rather than what I had been used to for years.

Some things that I will take from the day were that in all weathers our doctors and nurses will be there for us. I am remembered in the Phlebotomy department by my first name; whether that is a good thing or not I am not sure and, while waiting for blood to be taken, somehow I was tagged in a Twitter post about someone in Mumbai India having a heart and liver transplant in the same operation. What an amazing feat that is. Also, I have to say my fry up in the cold weather did the trick.

More importantly, I am only able to write this because of my organ donor and, in 10 days it will be my 1 year anniversary and I feel blessed every day to still be here.

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Thanks for reading.

Peace, love and light x


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