Thankful To Get a Second Chance

Today was the day that I went for a walk at a place that has so many memories of my life before the transplant. My main thought was that I am so thankful to get a second chance to see this place again.

It was my escape from reality before I had the transplant and a place that gave me the inspiration to keep fighting for better days ahead. Come rain or shine and for 9 months, I was pushing myself to walk 2.5 Kilometers around the lakes quicker and quicker each day with the voices from the hospital pushing me on.

“The fitter you are the easier your recovery after transplant will be”. This is engraved in my mind and something I will never forget, even though at the time it seemed as though nothing was making a difference. However, in my case, I believe the exercise helped a lot.


I am so thankful for my second chance and looking back, the daily struggles and pushing myself to keep going was not a conscious thing. It was my norm, but actually, a norm that we should not have to go through. In the tough times, the will to survive took over me and how I got through day to day I will never understand. It is amazing how strong a human can become.

Having an illness such as PSC has made me realise more than ever how each and every one of us that have suffered and are still suffering today, are so strong. Hats off to everyone because as we know, it is not an easy fight.

Thankful to carry on to see another day is really an understatement and a statement that I do not take lightly.

It was a cold crisp grey day in the UK today and the realisation that I was doing something as the new me, that I last saw when I was very sick, is something I really treasure and am so thankful for.

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Stay strong, stay positive and thanks for reading.

Peace, Love and Light x

    • Hi Lynda,

      Good luck. Just do as much as you can to stay well and fit and do not put so much pressure on yourself.

      Also, try not to be scared. My advice is to embrace the journey that will lead to a new you. 🙂

      All the best,


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