Staying Safe in the Sun After a Transplant

Staying Safe in the Sun After a TransplantStaying safe in the sun after a transplant is something we cannot take for granted because due to the medication we have to take on a daily basis, we become more susceptible to skin cancer if we are exposing ourselves to a lot of sun without taking the right precautions.

Of course, the sun and UV rays are harmful to everyone but, even more so to someone who has had a transplant and must take immunosuppressants.

While on the one hand, immunosuppressants are great in helping the body’s ability to not reject a transplanted organ, immunosuppressants also lower the body’s immune system which in turn leads to the body being less tolerant to the sun.

We are told that after having a transplant we will be at a greater risk of getting skin cancer and if we go on holiday to sunny countries abroad or are just spending more time outdoors, we should always protect ourselves from the sun. Personally, I believe that all year round protection and getting yourself into the habit of using sun cream everyday makes it easier in the long run.

Furthermore, as a transplant patient, we are all bombarded with things to avoid such as certain foods, drinks, the sun and more. However, at the same time, we still have to live our lives and exercising caution and being sensible, is better than not living your life at all.

My tips for staying safe in the sun after a transplant are as follows:

  1. Wear UV protecting t-shirts which come in both long and short sleeve. This is something I have been investigating a lot and will be purchasing, especially as I will be going back to Cyprus in the coming months.
  2. Use sunglasses that have UV sun protection-built in.
  3. Wear a hat when out in the sun
  4. Use factor 50SPF sun cream and remember to reapply it regularly.
  5. Use an all year round facial moisturising cream with SPF if possible.
  6. Avoid being out in the sun between 12 pm and 3 pm.
  7. Try to find a shady spot to sit in rather than being in the full sun.

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