Mother’s Day

Mother's DayMother’s Day is a day for celebrating all that is good about our mothers and showing them how much we love and appreciate them.

Mother’s Day last year in 2017 was very hard for me to celebrate as it was 12 days after I had my liver transplant. Inside of me I was bursting with so much love and just wanted to give my mum a big hug for how she had been such a rock through my journey with PSC and during and after the transplant but, I had a stomach full of staples and drains hanging out of my stomach so it was pretty hard to move, let alone hug someone.

Of course, this year has been different. I managed to buy my mum a nice card and two plants for the garden to add a bit of color and attract the bees and butterflies later in the year.

It is a very emotional time celebrating Mother’s Day. I am still here to be able to celebrate thanks to my organ donor but, he is not and that is very hard to imagine for his family.

They say time is a healer and things get easier but, I am not sure. You never stop thinking about them and you never stop feeling eternally grateful for the act of selflessness. Thank you wherever you are right now. I hope you are watching over me and can see how much you have transformed my life.

This for me has been the best Mother’s Day ever just to still be here.

Let’s all grab life with both hands and enjoy every day as best we can. I know I am.

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Thank you for reading.

Peace, Love and Light x


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