Me Time

Me TimeWhen you have a long-term illness that impacts on your life it is very important to remember ‘me time’. ‘Me time’ to me was and still is all about finding ways to keep the mind busy in order to give yourself that time away from the illness.

Sometimes the dilemma is, let the illness take over your life or fight back and grab that bit of ‘me time’.

‘Me time’ is something we all owe to ourselves and can be when you are doing anything that you enjoy that takes your mind off of the illness.

Before the transplant ‘me time’ to me was kind of easy during the day with two small children keeping me busy. However, I also took up Yoga that helped tremendously. Not for everyone I know, but something we can all participate in. The wonderful thing about Yoga is that there is no stress to complete every move so you can go at your own pace.

On the exercise front, I also found that walking helped to clear my head and, on a cold day walking also did wonders for the itching. The relief I got during the walk was treasured.

In addition, there was and still is music. That feeling of listening to your favourite band or song through headphones while relaxing. It helped a lot. To me, music is a magical experience that often takes me to a better place that gives my soul a huge boost.

After I had the transplant in March the thoughts in my mind are different. However, ‘me time’ is still needed, but in a different context. No one prepares you for life after a transplant and when you are back home the thoughts running through your mind are rife. Is that twinge a good twinge, my head is itchy, is it coming back etc. Over time the thoughts disappear, but of course, we cannot take anything for granted.

Life is a journey that I believe we should embrace and in our own way, live the best we can. Through my journey over the last few years, it has given me a whole new perspective on life and living each day to the full.

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Stay strong, stay positive and thanksĀ for reading.

Peace, Love and Light x

  1. Another great read Matt. I’m not very good with ‘me time’ tho and trying to change that. Having a transplant has changed my perspective on life and like you, I’m making the most of every minute in every day!

    Our group “Liver Transplant Support UK” SC046155 is a charity and I wonder if you would be interested in sharing your story on our web site one we get it built!

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