Life After a Liver Transplant

life after a liver transplantLife after a liver transplant is one that we long for when we have suffered from a long-term illness but, are we really prepared? Do we really know what to expect? Will we get our life back?

When I came round from the transplant the first thing that struck me was that the itching had stopped. It was like a dream come true so, life after transplant had got off on a good footing.

If you have never suffered from a liver illness, just imagine flees jumping all day long from head to toe over your body. You scratch your foot, take a deep breath and then your head is itchy, then your back and then and then. Scratching becomes second nature in the end and, it is not until it has stopped that you start to think, was I really like that? Did I really use a hairbrush to scrape the skin off of my back?

Another interesting thing when I think about life after a liver transplant is food. My taste buds have gone full circle. Many foods that I couldn’t eat I started to crave and, foods that I had loved I have gone off of. However, as the months have gone by, my taste buds have changed again. I often wonder if the new liver brings with it some attributes of the donor.

Then there is the hair. I have never been one to worry about losing my hair as it has always been very thick but, for a long time after my transplant it came out in clumps. Then again, as the months have gone on it has stopped dropping out and changed from dry scalp, to very dry and everything else in between. Now after having straight hair all of my life, the new hair has started to grow back curly.

It is like an evolving story that is changing from one month to the next and, I am sure the local supermarket must wonder why I am in the toiletry aisle so often and coming out of the store with different types of shampoo and conditioner each time.

I am certainly ready to go on Mastermind. My chosen subject being types of shampoo and conditioner.

life after a liver transplant

In addition, before my transplant I had a pre-assessment to check the functionality of the brain and, due to the illness I was told that I had a slight slowness of the brain. As the days went by after the transplant I can remember the feeling of fogginess disappearing. Many things from the past came flooding back and everything felt so much clearer.

Also, some things are more trying and of course worrying but, unbeknown to us newbies that are just out of the hospital, most of the problems are temporary such as drain holes leaking, scars leaking after the staples are taken out, fluid retention, extra trips to the toilet and infections. It is a long road to recovery and often not easy but, my personal experiences have shown me that once we get over the stumbling blocks it is really worth it.

We all have our own stories to tell which, in some cases can be unique. This is why it is interesting to be able to share our stories of life after a liver transplant and be able to help and comfort each other. It certainly has helped me.

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