Leaving the Hospital After the Transplant


My two weeks were up after the transplant. Did I feel that I could conquer the world? Well, not exactly. I was absolutely knackered!

Furthermore, if I were to hear anyone ask me my date of birth, tell me it was time to check my temperature / blood pressure or ask me if it was OK to take more bloods, I am sure I would have screamed. That is how I knew it was time to go home after the transplant.

How did I feel about it? Well… think about the security blanket scenario. I had a whole team around me for two weeks after the transplant that made me feel safe and now I was going out into the big wide world. It was a scary feeling. I was armed with my pills and so much literature that I could have given the British Library a run for its money. However, my mum was waiting at home for me and as we know, we all need our mothers in the hard times.

I was still leaking after the transplant where the drains had been and, in the middle of my stomach from the fluid build up but, this was nothing of course. I had survived a Liver Transplant.

Hospital transport took me home and the Journey felt like I was in one of those banger races but, without the banging. Actually thinking back, there were a few close misses.

Back home and I had leaked all of the way so, you can imagine that I was not ready for the catwalks of Milan. Not just yet anyway. However, my mum kept calm and helped patch me up and, then the 6 months of laying about began.

While I was travelling home, the hospital called my mum to ask her to get me to call them… and guess what? Another journey was about to begin. I had Cytomegalovirus (CMV). Lucky for me that I already had the pills and could start them straight away. The journey of fighting CMV was really tough and only now after 6 months have I finally seen the back of it. I will not bore you with the ins and outs of CMV as you can read more about it on the internet but, it is a tough virus to fight and does attack the vital organs. With the right medication and few extra stays in the Hospital, I am CMV free.

I got to understand that CMV is very common after a Liver transplant and with the most amazing team around me, I was not worried.

It is funny when you start such a journey how everything and everyone are so foreign but, as time goes by, you know everyone and they know you. Familiar faces really help when you are on such a journey.

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Stay strong, stay positive and thanksĀ for reading.

Peace Love & Light


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