Importance of Organ Donation

Importance of Organ DonationThe importance of organ donation is clear and having experienced organ donation first hand, I know how it is truly a selfless act from one person to another and, I also know that I would not be here today without someone donating their liver to me.

While the importance of organ donation is clear, it is not something a lot of people think about until they, their family or friends are impacted either directly or indirectly by organ donation.

Did I know all of those years ago that at the age of 39 I would need a liver transplant? No, not at all.

Did I know all of those years ago before I became ill with an autoimmune disease, anything about organ donation? No, not at all.

I look back on my journey from being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease to having a transplant, and fully understand the concept of, why do I need to know about organ donation? I am fine, I am never going to need an organ am I? Well, we are not superhuman and often things happen to us when we least expect it.

I was living a fairly healthy life before I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease PSC. Of course, I would drink alcohol socially but, neither the social drinking nor my lifestyle, in general, contributed to me becoming sick. So what actually did contribute to me getting PSC? To this day I am still not sure. I just remember the day I went to bed thinking I was fine and woke up the next day to start my 11-12 year journey towards having a liver transplant.

While I am one of the lucky ones and have had my transplant, it is common knowledge that at least 3 people a day die while waiting for an organ.

The importance of organ donation is clear for me but, in the grand scheme of things that is not really enough. The importance of organ donation needs to be clear to all and, how we get to that point is a very difficult question.

It was recently published by the NHS that OVER 50,000 people in the UK are only alive due to an organ transplant. However, as more people join the waiting list for an organ every day, we all have a responsibility in part to spread the benefits of organ donation and help even more people.

If after reading this post, one person signs up to become an organ donor I would have played my part in helping up to 9 other people and, you too can also help.

If after reading this post you could re-post this blog post on to your Facebook or Twitter feed, it will help us to spread the word about organ donation further.

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