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holland and barrett

Are Holland and Barrett an alternative or even an add-on to help people who suffer from a long-term illness?

Something that came to my mind and, I am sure the minds of many others suffering from a long-term illness, is that there must be something more that can be done.

While I was questioning this thought I started reading articles on how certain foods and vitamins are good to cure certain illnesses. This led me to embark on a journey with Holland and Barrett that lasted a few years.

Holland and Barrett were to me like a sweet shop to a child. I would go there to buy anything and everything in the hope that it would help me to improve my illness and my quality of life.

In the beginning, I started with Milk Thistle to try and protect my liver while, at the same time drinking soluble Vitamin C tablets. I also tried everything from Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Zinc Capsules right through to Vitamin B12 tablets.

I am certainly not anti Holland and Barrett. I just question whether it really helped me which, I suppose is something that I will never really find out. Did I survive without a transplant for 11 years with the help of the supplements, was it my healthy lifestyle that kept the illness at bay, was it a combination of both or was it none of these?

I think I questioned my visits to Holland and Barrett a lot more after I had visited the hospital for my pre-transplant workup. During this time I spoke to a dietitian who asked me what I typically ate during the week. When I explained my weekly diet I was told that my diet was very good and that I should not be taking any supplements. I was getting everything I needed from food so started to change my way of thinking.

I am aware that this is not the same for all, however, in my case, I thought that if I am being put on the transplant list and a dietitian has told me that my diet is good, why would I need to visit Holland and Barrett anymore.

In addition, on one occasion after the transplant, I was back in the hospital fighting CMV when I stumbled upon a TV program called Truth or Scare. If you have not heard of this program, it is a series that cuts through the confusion and conflicting headlines about Britain’s favourite foods. It scientifically examines the myths as to whether certain foods can cure certain illness. It also examines whether consumers should or should not pay attention to sensational headlines proclaiming that a certain food should be eaten to cure a certain illness. In most cases, there is never enough evidence to say that certain foods actually cured an illness. However, the program does always mention that a balanced diet for most is the best way to get all of the vitamins and minerals you need.

Finally, it seems that there is not enough evidence to prove one way or the other whether taking a supplement can help us in the long term. From my own experiences, I am personally now going by what my consultant advises. I am only taking my prescribed medication which, is more than enough for one person to consume in a day.

Stay strong, stay positive and thanksĀ for reading.

Peace Love & Light

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