Health Over Wealth

health over wealthHealth over wealth. How can we put this into a logical context? In simple terms, without our health we can still have all of the money in the world, but would it be able to help us?

We think of wealth as an easier carefree life, but without our health, we start to see the whole world through a different lens making us appreciate more of the simple things in life that we would have taken for granted in the past.

Furthermore, it isn’t until you become sick with an illness that takes over your life that you prioritise health over wealth. The time we had in the past to reflect has left and now the focus becomes more based on surviving each day the best we can. Actually, it has often been said that one’s wealth is their health, but is this based on pressure from society?

Why is health so important to us? It is because without our health, we would not be productive and would not be able to enjoy any type of wealth. It comes back again to the phrase health over wealth. However, it is clear to see from a survey I read about on the website that was conducted in 2015 that clearly highlighted most people want more wealth over better health. Is this because they had not been affected by illness, was it insecurity or just ignorance?

If you are reading this as a sufferer of a long-term illness or an illness has had an impact on your life in another way, I am sure you can relate to the notion that having health over wealth and longing for better days become part of the everyday norm.

More often than not people are spending their health on wealth instead of enjoying life and trying to find that middle ground and balance. In addition, lots of money in the bank to a lot of people quantifies as happiness and health, but as I was unlucky enough to find out, one minute you can have your health and the next it can all be taken away from you and this puts everything into perspective.

The biggest investment one person can make is an investment in their health. After all, we only get one chance at life and as Mahatma Gandhi quotes “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

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Stay strong, stay positive and thanks for reading.

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