Fighting Fatigue

Fatigue and Liver Disease

One of the hardest things I found living with a Liver Disease is fatigue.

If you are also suffering from a Liver Disease, you will understand when I say it is so hard for non- sufferers to get it but, as a sufferer, fatigue is one of the hardest parts of the illness to get hold of.

Instead of taking the time to listen or even trying to understand, we have to put up with the comments: “Aren’t we the lucky ones?” “Come on buck up, you can’t be that tired after the amount of rest you’ve had”. Well, guess what? I am!

It’s hard to explain to those who are not going through it how the impact of fatigue in your life really feels like you are bordering on a disability without the bells and whistles. You can tell yourself that tomorrow will be better if you go to bed early and rest but, all too often and out of our control, comes the itching, the night sweats and the feeling of… I want to sleep now, please just let me, but you can’t.

This leads me nicely onto how I tried to overcome the fatigue. It’s easy I thought: Coffee, coffee and more coffee.

Firstly Espresso… Yes please, I’ll have a double and then there is strong Italian Lavazza coffee. I know, I will make this pot with an extra few spoons of coffee. Did it work? Did it hell. Maybe it did but it seemed the more I tried, the more our lovely PSC fought back to take control.

Then there is Greek coffee. Those that have tried it will know about the coffee granules that stay at the bottom of the cup and those that don’t. Please don’t make the same mistake I made the first time I tried a cup.

Well… I got halfway down and then just tipped the cup back only to end up with a mouthful of coffee granules. Cue the spitting and face pulling with coffee going everywhere!! When I looked up I heard, “you didn’t drink the granules did you?” Who me ? No of course not trying to act cool.

Greek coffee lesson learnt!

Of course I tried other things to relieve the fatigue such as taking Vitamin B pills given to me by my doctor and drinking 2 – 3 litres of water a day.

When I look back I wonder if anything actually helped the fatigue but, when you are in that place, no matter how hard you try, you question what you are doing. Is it helping or not?  I suppose it does help and you only realise this later on. It must have worked for me in someway otherwise I am wondering how I managed to survive with two young children who had me up and down like a jack in the box 24/7.

Today’s blog was written while listening to Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams. Kind of apt really because we start life with so many dreams and then life throws us a curve ball. A curve ball is exactly what it is as the light keeps burning and the fight is never lost.

We are tougher than you think Mr PSC!!

Thanks for reading.

Peace, Love and Light x

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  1. Interesting post, Matt. I am a coffee lover, so related to the search for more energy through coffee. 🙂 I saw your post on Marlena’s site and hopped on over to check out your blog. Best of luck to you!

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