dietWhen you have a long-term illness that takes over your life it becomes common nature to hear a lot about ones’ diet. What to eat and what not to eat.

I feel that diet is one of the hardest parts of a long-term illness to understand. Our diet is something that is very complex. For example, if we ask each other what foods we can eat and what foods should we avoid, someone may say that they do not eat bread and someone may say they try to avoid spicy food. Even though we can find some similarities, I have found that no two people and their diet are the same.

There is a common theme and a doctor or dietitian will give you an idea of what to consume in order to put on weight or to build up muscle mass etc. However, having a long-term illness and in particular PSC, the adverse impact it can have on someone’s life makes it hard to know which road it will take you down next.

Is it our bodies that we should listen to or should we be guided by our doctors and dietitians? I strongly feel that we should start with the advice of the professionals and then allow our bodies to guide us as to what they crave and what they reject. This we find out over time and can be a long and different journey.

The experience I had with my diet before and after my transplant was very different. Before the transplant, I can only be described as crazy. I could not stop eating raw chillies, while at the same time I could not stand cheese or milk as it upset my stomach. I used to think spice was my life and Indian food was a regular on my weekly menu. Can you work it out? I certainly can’t.

After the transplant, my tastes have changed a lot. To my family’s surprise, I cannot stop eating cheese which, before the transplant, I could not stand. There is a rumor that someone has seen my nose twitching and wondered whether I had become a mouse.

Also, after the transplant, I have found that my taste buds have certainly become more sensitive. I can taste everything 100 times more. Salt, pepper and the actual taste of food is heightened. Is this why I needed to eat so much spice before the transplant as I could not taste food so well? I guess I will never really know.

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Stay strong, stay positive and thanksĀ for reading.

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